What’s the Definition of Failure (PENN STATE)?


Word’s been on my mind since early this morning.  Sick to my stomach after I read grand jury testimony relating to the Penn State University scandal, day got off to an ominous start.

Thought I saw a reflection of me at my worst two hours later… just my youngest displaying some of what I gave her via osmosis or DNA.

Took a problem at work to an involved party who was 100% focused on resolution… until she recognized she didn’t have culpability after all.

I tried to be happy all day… sadness hung like I was Bad Luck Schlep Rock (don’t act like you didn’t watch “The Flintstones”).

Failure is difficult to define.  Varies from person-to-person, inherently subjective often elective… we can choose to fail.  I can write pretty words, make ’em flow and all that.  Can’t put my finger on a single reason why but today felt like “failure”….I felt like a failure.  Couldn’t tell you why to save my life…

(Swear to God I only figured it out during the editorial process… it becomes apparent if you keep reading…)

I know failure when I see it:

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