“NO… MORE… SELF-IMPOSED DEADLINES!!!” (…imagine the “Mommy Dearest” voice)

We won’t even get into it.  Nope, don’t ask cause I damn sure won’t tell.

I lied.

“No more self-imposed deadlines” is my mantra for 2012.  Not a new year’s resolution because… wait.

Yeah, it is a resolution, huh?  Sigh.
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There’s Always a Price to Pay…

WHAT time is it again, 4:55AM?!?

9 hours of sleep the last two nights, no way I’ll get an hour in by the time I post this. Not complaining, simply setting the table for how wild my week has been is all. I had an inkling on Sunday night when a voice whispered, “Get ready for an adventure this week.”

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