A Gift From Shorty

This one has been on my mind all day, and truth be told… I needed to put something down on the new Facebook blog profile page…


That sucker was looking “buck naked” (as we called it in West Baltimore)!


Shorty (“K”) gave me this one years ago. Great friend, the best right-hand / “work husband” money can’t buy (I was her “work wife”… don’t judge me!). She’s half my size and unafraid to kick my ass at a moment’s notice to this day. Haven’t seen her in a minute but some things just don’t change…


Always dug that about her.


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The Root

Writing… yeah, writing. Got a lot of writing on my mind… wrote some good dialogue at lunch earlier, a couple hundred words in about twenty minutes. Flowed like water…

Blah, blah, blah!

I think somebody put a root on me (see the link, D’angelo explains it perfectly) and I don’t appreciate it!

And yes, I do speak fluent “victim”!

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