I grew up afraid of who I really was inside, don’t know why it happened that way. World-class musician father, world-class nurse mother with enough compassion for every patient who ever crossed her path. I played music for five years during my mid-twenties, first daughter was born… that was the happiest time of my life. I felt so free on stage… like a bird.

That was corny and clichéd as hell but I stand by it.

And then I chose stability, became an accountant because I was too afraid to put myself out there as an artist… I was a great drummer! Put more distance between me and that time by earning a business degree a few years back solely to keep from being a hypocrite when it came time to push the importance of higher-education to my young-adult daughters. Next-to-no passion whatsoever for it, nothing but a means to an end. The money was decent, bills kind of paid even though I was slowly drowning in a sea of debt. I was a single dad with the kids during the week and zero child support coming my way.

I began to express my state by acting out in more-and-more reckless ways.

Fast-forward two years and here I am rebuilding… and writing. I want to be a professional writer… always came easy and I love doing it. Came up with an edgy, violent, emotionally intense story that readers are enjoying at a visceral level just as I hoped they would. I write with heart and emotion on my best days… gotta keep at it to become more consistent.

My name is Sean, and this is my mid-life crisis transformation tale. I promise that it will always be honest and often bloody raw. Oh yeah, here is why “it’s a big man’s world” isn’t the most pompous, arrogant phrase you’ve heard all day.

Be well.


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