You Can Run, BUT…

All this time and no new post.  Seems you have to have something of value to say… figured that I didn’t so why waste anyone’s time, right?  Not that I have anything remarkable or earth shattering to say now.  Checking in, exorcising demons… flexing the brain in hope that the muses come back.

And they already have… more on that in a minute.

Been an eventful year thus far.  Working steadily for the past seven months  (unlike this time last year), finished my first novel, saw my eldest daughter pass her state boards to become a certified nursing assistant after she paid for 80% of her tuition, saw my youngest daughter get accepted into one of the most prestigious acting schools on the planet and last, but not least, have completely transformed my body from a 265lb blob to a 230lb (and dropping), leaned-out dude with one last layer of fat hiding a six-pack that I NEVER thought would be seen on this body in this lifetime.

Got tired of being fat, just that simple.  I’m 6’4″ with chicken legs and skinnier forearms so a giant gut and seven chins made no sense whatsoever.  So glad my pal Brittany at the front desk of my gym asked if I was joining The Gold’s Gym Challenge this past January (imagine the “Biggest Loser” mated with a bodybuilding contest with a three page essay on how the contest improved your life for the better as the cherry on top).  I played rec league basketball from my late-twenties into my early forties so it made me stay in okay shape but I hadn’t done anything like that in years so the competition was perfect timing since I had already been hitting the gym hard for a month.  It gave me something to focus on and long story, short… I’m 2 weeks out from my final weigh-in with an outside shot at winning the national competition (already looks like I’ll win the male overall for my gym).  Could have done much better but I had a few weeks where life turned upside down, plateaued and didn’t give a crap at times before I got back on track.


That’s not completely true… I thought about it at least once every fifteen days or so!  It was great to get some distance after an almost three-year trek to completion.  FINALLY got serious about it this past weekend, been carrying the laptop to work and have been getting in at least 30 minutes during lunch.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m committed to finishing two hard weeks of tilapia, egg whites, wheat bread, & steamed vegetables.  I’m around 25lbs down from weigh-in, something about a nice round 40lb total drop (256 to 216) just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over, you know? I’m in a nighttime gym rhythm… things are as they should be for the moment.

But as for the writing and the editing… those “in love” feelings have returned.  The muses whispered in my ear as I was falling asleep a few nights ago, gave me a KILLER back story to throw in during the final editing.  Wasn’t pages and pages, four HOT paragraphs that made its point was plenty (besides, I hadn’t been honoring them by flexing my creative muscle so it isn’t as though I deserved more).  And I’m enjoying the editing for once when the thought was painful only a week ago.  As the title of this blog hinted, you can’t hide from who you are.  I’m a writer (and a damned good editor to boot)… guess I just needed a vacation from it to clear my head and focus on an area of my life that needed more work.

Enough blah blah blah.  It’s almost 1am, SO glad I don’t have to be at work until 9!  Y’all be good… to yourselves AND everyone else 🙂


5 responses to “You Can Run, BUT…

  1. So glad to see you post again. I was starting to wonder where you’d disappeared to. Congrats on your amazing progress in the gym. That is truly phenomenal, not the least of which being the personal commitment required to achieve that.

    And don’t you love a good visit from the muse? Such sweet words they share sometimes, when we’re lucky. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Julie 🙂

    I wondered the same about you. I was behind on your posts then realized the emails had stopped. Finally got around to checking in the other night and realized you had picked up at a new site!

    Here’s the kicker on the editing: just had my favorite reader check the opening scene. It had been raw and exciting, edgy… but I wrote it THREE YEARS AGO. Part of the charm was that I was so new to it that I wasn’t trying to have a style, just vibing off all the crazy stuff I was into at the time like the Hostel films and the entire Tarantino catalogue. I would swap in my red bulbs and have the place looking like a scene from True Blood!

    But I needed work, and PRACTICE. So the subsequent chapters gradually got better, and the cool thing is that I was so particular that I was editing along the way so I don’t have a pile of slop anywhere more than some bad habits like using WAY too many ellipsis and inconsistent grammar in places, a chunk at a time.

    Gonna copy the original ch1.1 into the main file, start over this weekend. Have a couple of vodka / cranberry’s on the rocks and give it a whirl!

    How is your stuff coming along?

    • Oh god, where to start with my stuff. I’ll give you the brief notes version of the past month (yes, just march). I’m currently writing book 3 of the trilogy I’ve been working on. I got feedback on the first from one of my two test readers the very day I started writing this one too. Timing 🙂 And, of course, book 2 is in the drawer, having been through its first pass of editing. Building out my next project (read trilogy there) is on hold while I’m writing. As always, I’m keeping super busy.

      And I suspect, from the numbers, that you aren’t the only one who’s just discovering the transition to the new address. It was time though, and really just a public admission of a decision I made months ago.

      Regarding your own work, it is amazing to see our growth in our own work, and I’m glad that you’re seeing it in yours. Always encouraging. Also, I’d say the fact that you *can* see the growth is a very good sign. Some writers never grow because they either can’t see or won’t admit that their skills need improvement, even though the truth is that no one picks up a pen and writes amazingly their first time. Heck, even published writers do first drafts that are, well, first draft quality. I think three years should give you the proper perspective needed to edit that first chapter, at least. And I’m sure you’ll see how to tweak it without killing the things that make it great. Your personal honesty will serve you well there. 🙂 I’m looking forward to updates and an eventual publication.

      • That’s a great perspective, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Yeah, at least I can see the mistakes I used to make and how I’ve improved considerably. It’s moving slowly but it is moving. Thanks for sharing that with me… very helpful 🙂

        You still blow my mind with how consistently prolific you are. Great discipline and commitment at work.

        Maybe it would be worth it to put one last post up on the old site, perhaps with a hyperlink to the new site in the title. I would love to ask you some other questions but they might be a bit too personal out in the open. Email me at if it’s okay… or not 🙂

      • As always, glad I could share my hard-won wisdom.

        Thanks for the compliment. I think the reason is a muse with ADHD, seriously. I mean, she’s all over the place, constantly. 🙂

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