I hate missing deadlines.  It’s embarrassing.  Unprofessional.  Hate missing self-imposed deadlines even more than those agreed to with someone else.  Why?  Makes me feel like I lied to myself, and I don’t like lying to myself.  Feel dishonest afterwards.

Planned to finish my first draft a couple of weeks ago.  Sounded good but I didn’t come close.  Was on a great roll until Chapter 18… two months-plus and counting as of last Monday.  TWO.  MONTHS.  PLUS!

Knew the job would slow me down but damn if I haven’t visited, hung out with, taken to dinner, treated, tried to spend time with all the friends who kept my spirits up while I was unemployed.  No complaints, mind you.  My people will tell you I’m a very loyal friend.  It was time to get back to work, is all.

Went to pull the trigger, nothing happened.  Misfire.

And then I read about a book on Jeff Goins writing site called “The War of Art”.  Jeff has become my writing mentor, been taking his online blogging class and I can see improvement since checking him out.  The text on the cover reads, “Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles.”  See, I didn’t think I was blocked,  I thought I was busy, big difference!  But Jeff swore by it so that’s all I needed to hear.  Took me a few days to track it down at the local B&N but I did.

The book’s author labels anything that stands between you and your creativity as Resistance.  Made sense, easy read.  My eyes were opened.  And then they tried to roll out of my head and onto the floor when I reached the following page:

Wait… you mean what I’m experiencing is common?  YOU MEAN I SUBCONSCIOUSLY SABOTAGED MYSELF NEAR THE FINISH LINE FOR WHATEVER REASON?  ARE YOU SERIOUS, DID STEVEN PRESSFIELD WRITE THIS BOOK FOR ME?!?   I’m so oversimplifying the book’s message because it drills down into the spirituality behind artistic endeavors and while I buy into that stuff I also recognize that many folks won’t.

Truth be told, I don’t plan on blogging much until the first draft is finished… trying to get through this one as quickly as possible so I can write for a couple more hours then wake up and play sleep-deprived pick-up basketball!

Heard about the book a couple of weeks back, bought it on Wednesday.  Could have finished it in a few hours but I’ve been dragging it out.  About halfway finished, read it on the treadmill at the gym…

And what about Chapter 18, you ask?  FINISHED IT THIS PAST TUESDAY!

And when do I plan on starting Chapter 19?  I’M TWO PAGES OR SO FROM COMPLETION!

Yes, I’m saying that while it took me well over two months to finish Chapter 18, I’ve written the great majority of 19 in less than three days… and it’s good!  Pulled all-nighters on Thursday and Friday, wrote for five hours this afternoon and evening.   Worked my butt off and it didn’t once feel like work.

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

  1. 87,109 words, 524 pages, and 19 (soon to be 20) chapters.
  2. Two healthy, hard-working, great young adults for daughters.
  3. And my manager informing me my long-term assignment that was to end in two weeks has been extended into the Spring.
And I like eating.  Eating is good!

Blessings have been pouring my way as of late.  Very thankful, very happy…

Blah, blah, blah… back to work! 😉


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