Good News + Bad News + Bad News = “Small Things to a Giant”

Good News:


I’m so wired into my story that I’m writing 200-400 words per session on my lunch break, jump right into it like Scotty’s beaming me up.



Bad News:


It’s pretty much the only time I touch the story, I’m beginning to forget LITTLE DETAILS, AND I’m about to fall behind schedule on my self-imposed finish date…




Confident that it’s all happening as it should, though.



More Bad News:



Sliced halfway across me thumb on Saturday morning changing an auto bulb on the truck. Bled out all over the driveway, took 10 minutes of heavy pressure to stop the flow. Probably need stitches but:


1) I hate urgent cares & emergency rooms


2) Ain’t got no insurance (yet) no how!  Threw some Neosporin and a butterfly bandage on it.  Pain was no worse than getting ink.


But I finally got a good overnight session in from midnight Saturday to 4am Sunday morning.  Felt goooood! Halfway through Chapter 18, gonna try to finish tonight as my Ravens crush Jacksonville on Monday Night Football, thumb willing.  Like my boy Steve Peters used to say, “small things to a giant”. That was his mantra, used to say it to me at the end of a heavy set when the bar would get heavy just before complete muscle failure.  Now I apply it to any area of my life I’m struggling in.


Hypes me into thinking I can overcome EVERY obstacle, makes it easy to finish a novel I never dreamed I could write in the first place.


18 chapters, 502 pages, 83,176 words.


3 1/2 chapters to go.


Small things to a giant.



PS  Halfway through the game and my boys look like the Bad News Bears, DEFINITELY going to the gym and watching the second half from a treadmill!


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