A Gift From Shorty

This one has been on my mind all day, and truth be told… I needed to put something down on the new Facebook blog profile page…


That sucker was looking “buck naked” (as we called it in West Baltimore)!


Shorty (“K”) gave me this one years ago. Great friend, the best right-hand / “work husband” money can’t buy (I was her “work wife”… don’t judge me!). She’s half my size and unafraid to kick my ass at a moment’s notice to this day. Haven’t seen her in a minute but some things just don’t change…


Always dug that about her.


I was usually the one on the couch but she came in for a session after her husband screwed-up extra bad on some occasion. Me? I’m a cat who speaks fluent “woman” so I broke what he really was saying (via his words and actions) down to her, the understanding helped give her the patience necessary to get through that particular hard time and perhaps a few others in the future.


And then The Voices began to whisper after she left my office, the following is what they said.


(Note: The Voices are Richard Pryor fans and don’t always talk so nice, consider yourself warned).


By the way, K and her husband are still married over a decade later, thriving with three beautiful children. I did my job well, she would tell you herself if she were here.




A Gift From Shorty


Why do you choose to ignore me

You should certainly know better by now


I’m the pain in your stride

The ache in your back

Dull throb in your soul

That thing that you lack


I’m not going away

Though you try and persist by

Entering into behaviors that deep down

You know will never bring



I’m the one, I’m in charge

See I’m running this show

Like Gepetto with a rhyme

And you’re my obedient puppet…


You Pinocchio motherfucka


This ain’t a game, ain’t a joke

We can play, but you’ll lose

You can try all you might

But I know what you’ll choose


The path of least resistance

The easy way out

Stupid fuck, tricks are for kids

Was there ever a doubt

In your worthless head…


Cause you’re weak and I’m strong

I am right and you’re wrong

And most important fact of all

You don’t belong…


And you know this…


Take what I give

It’s all that you’ll get

I can take it away

But then what will be left…




What will you ever become

What is it that makes me persist

Why is it that I rule your actions

When in the physical world

I don’t exist


You made me strong…


Faith, hope, and love… Compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance

Strength, beauty, and honor… Empathy, humility, and happiness


These are my enemies

You know them not well

If you knew them at all

I couldn’t damn you to hell…


No sunscreen in sight…


And the irony is

The last sad thing

Is when you look in the mirror

You know who you see…





Copyright Sean N Thompson 2001


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