Dear Chapter 18

Dear Chapter 18,

I have been a neglectful bastard and I know this.  I learned to love you via Part 1 over a month ago but then I had to do something so ridiculously selfish and wrong that it will never be right…

I got a job.

But damn it all, I’m here to tell you…

Daddy’s home.

(“…to stay-ay-ayyyyyyyyyy…”  sorry… had a Jackson 5 flashback!)

Now… I understand if you don’t believe me, think I’m blowing smoke just to appease you but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  I’ve been reacquainting myself with the world, finding inspiration in the most likely and UNlikely places you could imagine.  Friends, the beach, concerts (like Foo Fighters last night, review coming next!)… they’ve all contributed to this new perspective, reminded me that YOU need attention…

All you ask is for a little T.L.C.

You don’t want no waterfall chasing scrubs but damn it, I AINT TOO PROUD TO BEG!

(And for some O.G. T.L.C. references, courtesy of “The Other Guys”!)

So in conclusion, as I finish typing this apology into Evernote on my rickety old 3GS, know that the ice cream I craved so badly (eh, not so much) is probably melted (it’s mushy and soft) but I’ll gladly throw it away if necessary if that’s what it takes to prove my love to you.

Let me hook up some dinner, have a shot of Grey Goose, then it’s me and you “all night long”, baby!*

Love always,

The Accountant Who Really, Really Wants to be a Writer or at Least Great Storyteller

xxx ooo ❤

*You thought there would be a Lionel Richie link up there, didn’t you?  Well, HA… it’s here!


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