There’s Always a Price to Pay…

WHAT time is it again, 4:55AM?!?

9 hours of sleep the last two nights, no way I’ll get an hour in by the time I post this. Not complaining, simply setting the table for how wild my week has been is all. I had an inkling on Sunday night when a voice whispered, “Get ready for an adventure this week.”

I did write today. So what if it was helping my boy Ron document how delivering mail for 13 years has shredded his knee? The gray matter got exercised, it was a good pump!

Even got the registration and car insurance straight on me precious 4Runner. I can’t wait to go out on Pacific Coast Highway this weekend with the sunroof open, stereo rocking a killer playlist, subwoofers vibrating the rearview mirror so hard that the cars behind me appear blurry…

Pacific Ocean reminding me how small I am and that I need to stay humble and on my grind.

Full moon fever is wearing me OUT! I feel different physically Most people don’t take astrology and numerology very seriously and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand every aspect.

Felt like a damned alien for most of my life because I’ve always been different. What black kid grows up listening to rap and hanging out backstage at Genesis concerts? Trust me when I say that I was the only one cause I would have damned sure hung out with him if there had been another one!

My ace Jillkster was heavy into numerology and recognized something about my personality that piqued her curiosity and broke it all down. I later read an amazing write-up on my life path (11) that explained my entire life up to that point AND where it all seemed to be heading. Check it out, crazy!

Here’s a great life path calculator as well (if you’re interested).

Don’t misunderstand and think I’m some new age wannabe pushing my babble in a blog. The main purpose of this site is to document my transition from the straight life to artist. I’m only addressing this aspect of my spirituality for the sake of this post.

If you read my life path description then it’ll make sense when I say that I could feel a sensation akin to electric pulses in my limbs. The moon was directly over the front yard, I sat there and looked up for about an hour… meditated, thanked the universe for all the blessings for all the good energy that’s come my way. It was bright enough to read by at 2am, gorgeous!

On that note, time to turn the telly sound low, set 5 alarms and get ready for 60 minutes of sleep before I have to get up for work. Add on another 90 minutes before the concert. Oh yeah…


Dave Grohl is one of my favorite singer / songwriters but his drumming KILLS me, the passion leaps out of the speakers! I saw them open for The Police a few years back at Dodger Stadium, BLEW THEM OFF THE STAGE!

Tonight will be memorable, even with ZERO sleep at the rate I’m going. Adventure indeed, and it’s only Thursday! My soul feels alive and while I don’t know what’s going to happen on Friday…


*Note: The author was recently diagnosed with AON: Adult Onset Narcolepsy.


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