The Root

Writing… yeah, writing. Got a lot of writing on my mind… wrote some good dialogue at lunch earlier, a couple hundred words in about twenty minutes. Flowed like water…

Blah, blah, blah!

I think somebody put a root on me (see the link, D’angelo explains it perfectly) and I don’t appreciate it!

And yes, I do speak fluent “victim”!

Life was just skipping along swimmingly this past month, easing back into the world… making the rounds, catching up with dear friends who waited patiently while I floated calm beneath the waves in the blue of my oblivion (Fiona explains it perfectly)…

And then girl came along out of nowhere.

Tomorrow’s another day, and I’ll do my best to pretend I’m in complete control… won’t freak out and blow up her phone with texts nor calls nor emails nor whatever. I don’t mind pretending if you don’t mind acting like you believe my lie so I can save face.

I am in complete control. For now.

Purged the following about an hour ago, took about twenty minutes… the voices whispered so I ran to the laptop and recorded what they said. I call it unexpected:

full moon…

and this woman’s on my mind

spitting game in my head

but with her i’m tongue-tied

it amuses me

(blatant lie)

she muses me

with a smile

inspires me

my minor cool collapses

i’m enraptured by her soulful disposition…

borderline sprung

won’t last but so long

control almost gone

with me she belongs…

i hope

…until next time, y’all…

PS I was wrong, it was indigestion.


2 responses to “The Root

  1. You know you’ll have to fill me in on this one mister! ;D

    Nothing wrong finding there is more to life than writing again..

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